Latest Version Mi Body Composition Scale 2 Weighing Fat Weight Weigh Scale V2

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Latest Version Mi Body Composition Scale 2 Weighing Fat Weight Weigh Scale V2

Product size: 30*30*25CM

Weighing unit: kg, kg, pound

Housing material: tempered glass, ABS engineering plastics

Product weight: 1.7KG

Equipment requirements: Run Android 4.4, IOS9.0 or above, support Bluetooth 4.0 and above

Max Weighing: 150kg

Minimum index: 50g

Wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.0

Power: 4*1.5V batteries (AAA) (Included)

Type: Intelligent Body Fat Scale

Function: Portable,Weight,Protein,BMI,Body Fat Percentage,Muscle Mass,Bone Mass,Moisture,Basal Metabolic  Rate,Physical

Xiaomi body fat scale 2 Weigh once and analyze your health in depth

G-shaped sensor, 50g can be easily perceived. Highly accurate BIA chip for easy understanding of body fat percentage 13 body data, a comprehensive understanding of the physical state Balance test, close your eyes and stand on one foot

BMI is fat judgment standard The same weight of the can be 3 times the size of the muscle, irregular diet can cause too much body fat, the more BMI. the more seem fat.

For body fat scales, the most important thing is a more accurate measurement. The G-shaped manganese steel sensor can sense the weight change of the fine 50g, and the measurement of the millet body fat scale 2 is more precise. At the same time, it supports the switching of three different units of kilograms, kilograms and pounds, which is convenient for users to read.

Accurate BIA measures fat chips. One-week weighing can know 13 body data such as body weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, moisture rate, protein rate, visceral fat grade, and basal metabolic rate, and comprehensively understand the health status.

Body balance test, closed eyes and one foot stand. Balance ability is the basic ability of physical activity. Improving the balance ability can reduce the risk of our fall and joint injury. Now users only need to close their eyes and stand on the on by one foot to know this ability