Auto Rotation Desktop Fan 4000mAh

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Auto Rotation Desktop Fan 4000mAh Rechargeable Air Cooling Conditioner 4 Speed Wind Silent Portable for Home Office



Product power: 4W

Product input: 5V-1A

Battery capacity: 4000mAh

Battery life: 15 hours

Product size: 170*92*266mm


  1. 3 fan blades air cooling fan,can be put on the table,ged rid of heat and bring coolness.
  2. The wind direction can be adjusted,90° up and down manual adjusted and 90° left and right automatic rotation.
  3. It has 4 wind modes--sleep wind,cool breeze,natural wind and strong wind,meet different needs at different moments.
  4. Built in 4000mAh large capacity battery,charge for 5 hours and long endurance up to 15 hours.
  5. It is working in low noise and lightweight,suitable for dormitory, office,bedroom and living room and hotel.

6. With two charging ports,Type-C and Micro USB interface,simple operation and fast charging for wireless use