Baseus Heyo Rotation Magnetic Countdown Timer Alarm Clock

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Baseus Heyo Rotation Magnetic Countdown Timer Alarm Clock Kitchen Cooking Timer with LED Digital Display

Brand: Baseus

Name: Baseus Heyo Rotation Countdown Material: ABS

Color: Voltage: 4.5V

Working temperature: 0℃~50℃

Time of endurance: 3 months

Timing range: 0~99 minutes, 0~55 seconds

Volume gears: mute 0db / small volume gear 60~75db / large volume gear 80~90db

Size: 78*78*27.5mm

Weight: ~90g[without battery]

LED Round Screen Digital Display: Seeing the figure at a glance more convenient.

Rotate to Adjust Figure: Avoid repeated presses, rotate to adjust from 0 to 99, easy and convenient.

Adjustable Sound Reminder: Three-gear countdown reminder, large volume small volume and silent position.

Magnetic Installation: Easily installed, can be attached to the surface of iron materials such as refrigerators with strong suction and is easy to drop.

Counting up and Counting down: Providing counting up and counting down timing methods easy to deal with multiple scenes.

Rotate to timing: Rotate the outer ring at a fast speed to set minutes and at a slow speed to set hours.