Baseus Silicone Horizontal Wireless Charger

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Baseus Silicone Horizontal Wireless Charger

Wireless Qi charger with silicone base and built-in fan


Stable as a mountain – Big silicone base + skid-resistant slot line texture guarantee secure placement either on the desktop or in the car.


No more overheating – The built-in, low-noise, high-speed fan dissipates heat throughout the charge, stays cool, and charges at full speed.


Durable and reliable – Made of high-quality PC with an anti-skid silicone base.


Big charging coil – Charging coil is large and independent. Brings automatic and efficient magnetic sensing.


Smart, safe and energy-saving – It automatic turn off the power after fully charged.


9 levels of protection – Over current, overcharge, over discharging, over power, over voltage, anti-reverse, short circuit, electromagnetic field protection, and foreign metal detection.


Transmission distance less than 8 mm – There is no need to take off phones case for charging.


Useful LED light – Intelligent LED light to inform about starting or ending of charging, and detection of foreign bodies.