Car Rear View Mirror iphone Holder

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Car Rear View Mirror iphone Holder

  1. Car rearview mirror bracket, first-person perspective bracket, can be used to record driving safety, can also be used for car GPS, easy installation, no tools required


  1. The sturdy cellphone clip holder will firmly fix your device in place when driving at a high place or going through bumps. The clip is firmly fixed on the car rearview mirror, and its adjustable design is suitable for car rearview mirrors of different sizes.


  1. Adjustable viewing angle, 360-degree rotating design, provide a good view when driving on the road, will not block the line of sight, easy to adjust the control angle, the design of the rearview mirror cellphone holder is closer to your needs


  1. Multi-adjustable design, multi-angle to ensure the best viewing angle, suitable for most phones within 1.96-3.93 inches, can be used on products within 0.9 inches, and has a wide range of applications.


  1. A multi-functional cell phone holder with a wide range of uses. It can be used in car rearview mirrors, car pillows, kitchens, restaurants, bedrooms, and also student online classes. In short, it can be used wherever it can be attached.


Applicable cellphone size: 50-100mm (1.96-3.93 inch)


Clip distance: 3-21mm (0.11-0.82 inch)