Dr. Bei Bass Toothbrush with anti-bacterial bristles

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Dr. Bei Bass Toothbrush with anti-bacterial bristles

The Dr. Bei Bass toothbrush won the iF World Design Awards in 2018 for its high-quality brush handle and its innovative bristles made of three-different materials. The spiral-shaped, colored layer makes the bristles elastic.

The grey bristles dry quickly and are coated with anti-bacterial carbon and together with the white anti-bacterial threads gather silver ions that prevent the accumulation of bacteria.


Our toothbrush is with long handle and soft bristles, which is labor-saving and won't damage your gums.

With the characteristics of deep cleaning and gum caring, the toothbrush can whiten and beauty your teeth.

The bristles are structured like a mountain, which perfectly caters for bass method, deep into gingival sulcus and teeth gap for thorough cleaning and meanwhile protect gums.

The perfect combination of softness and force can better achieve and more efficient cleaning.

It is suitable for home use or outdoor travel.


Package Includes:

4 x Toothbrushes