HP G260 Wired with LED Backlight USB Gaming Mouse

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HP G260 Wired Gaming Mouse with LED Backlight USB Gaming Mouse

Control Your Game & Play To Your Full Potential

Instantly switch between 6 DPI sensivity settings for more precise targeting. High-definition (5500) optical tracking delivers more responsive cursor control.


Bulit to Last With Contoured Comfort

Button are rated to 5 milllion clicks, 500Hz default polling rate. An ergonomic design optimized for all-day gaming comfort in one hand.



Instantly switch between 6 DPI sensitivity settings for more precise targeting

Buttons rated up to 5 million clicks

500hz standard polling level

Optimized ergonomic design for all day gaming comfort on both sides



Transmission Type: USB Wired

Tracking Method: Infrared Optical

Dpi (Min / Max): 1000, 1500, 2500, 3000, 4000 and 5000

Number of Buttons: 6

Button Press Distance: 0.7mm

Button Press Force: 70g+10g

Button Press Life: Up to 5 million cycles

Rated Voltage / Current: DC 5.0V/150mA

Cable Length: 1.8M