Laptop Notebook Stand Portable Foldable

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Laptop Notebook Stand Portable Foldable

Laptop Notebook Stand Portable Foldable

Size: Suitable for 11-17 inch laptops and tablets

Function: Notebook heightening bracket and cooling pad


  1. Portable and foldable
  2. Height adjustment
  3. Heat dissipation at the hollow bottom

Working on a laptop is made simpler and more comfortable with the use of a laptop stand. A laptop stand isn’t just for show; it’s also useful for keeping a decent, healthy posture when working on a computer.

❤【LIGHT-WEIGHT PORTABLE LAPTOP STAND】 - The compact laptop support stand designed to use in the office, home & travel. This adjustable laptop stand can be folded up into a small, thick stick. And its a light-weight travel laptop stand that only weighs about 9.5 ounces, makes the laptop stand portable.

❤【HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE LAPTOP STAND】 - The travel laptop stand has 2 angles to adjust. The laptop tilt stand screen can be adjusted to your eye level to fix your posture and reduce neck & arm pain. Just change the elevation by adjusting the 2 red buttons on either side of the laptop stand portable. Maximum angle 30 degrees raise the screen about 6.2 inches off the desk, while minimum angle 26 degrees lift the screen up about 5.7 inches.

❤【MORE STUDY & STABLE NOTEBOOK STAND】 - 2 sets of rubber feet are provided to keep the laptop stand adjustable from sliding off the stand. Made of iron strengthened nylon and stainless steel, this adjustable laptop stand for desk won't shake while typing. The desk laptop stand can hold any laptop, notebook or other computers from 11 to 15inches.

❤【EASY TO SETUP FOLDING LAPTOP STAND】 - This laptop ventilated stand opens/closes very easily. The two little arrows on the notebook stand holder surface showed where you can pull from, just pull the two feet apart until stopped. To fold the laptop stand up, you just need to gently unlock the red button behind each pillar until the laptop notebook stand goes down.

Main Features :-

Stable without shaking

Cool ventilation for laptop

15kg load capacity

Triangular structure

Easy to carry around

Comfortable workstation

Ergonomic design