Ready stock SG 15W Q3 Wireless car Charger

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Ready stock SG 15W Q3  Wireless car Charger

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Q3 15W  Wireless Car Charger Various installation methods, center console, air outlet, horizontal and vertical can be placed in general, and can be placed at will. Suitable for most air outlets such as horizontal/vertical/round/inclined.

【15W Fast Charging】 15W Qi Fast Charging Auto Charge, when getting in the car and fully charged when getting off the car. The third-generation pure copper coil, intelligent dual-core temperature control, NTC thermistor, intelligent adjustment function of selected frequency capacitance, automatic trickle protection of the phone after fully charged


【Touch front】 Touch front to avoid accidental touch. The top touch opens. The upgraded design eliminates the possibility of misoperation. The lights can be switched on and off;Car Phone Holder Auto-Clamping Qi electroplating + glass material, the appearance of business atmosphere


【Intelligent Sensor】 Put down the phone, intelligent sensor will automatically lock the phone, automatic sensor lock; touch the back sensor to release automatically, and the back sensor to unlock