Romix Bottled Package Instant Ice Cold Cooling Towel Heat Relief For Camping, Gym, Golf, Swimming, Sports

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INSTANT COOLING: With the advanced material, the cooling towel can cool you down instantly when you sweat especially during workouts at the gym, during yoga, golf, tennis, basketball, volleyball, running, jogging, hiking, camping...
SIMPLE USE: The cooling towel is easily used by simply soaking in water, wringing and placing it around the neck or other area that will instantly give you comfort and keeps you cooler. The sports towel will keep you cooler and can be used for men, women, children, adults, seniors.
SUPER ABSORBENT:SOFT AND COMFORTABLE. With modern PVA material retains moisture to keep you cool when you are sweaty and hot. Will remain moist and cool for a long time. To re-use just soak again in water, wring out and re-use over and over again. Packed in its own case makes it portable and can fit into any bag, pocketbook, gym bag, backpack…
HIGH QUALITY :Extreme soft cool material, dries soft and doesn't drip. Perfect for vacations to hot places or if you work outdoors in the heat and need a quick cool down, it absorbs heat or sweat pretty quickly

Product Description 

1). Towel size: 30 x 90cm; color:green
2). Soak the cooling towel, wring out any excess water, and wear it! To reactivate it just re-wet it and use over and over! It’s that easy! 
3).The cooling towels have a 50+ UPF rating to keep you protected for long hours in the sun. It can help with hot flashes, relaxing the nerves, and accelerating recovery. There are no chemicals or harmful products used to manufacture of cooling towels. 
4). Great for using during sports/exercising - Yoga, Golf, Jogging, Running and outdoor Activities – Hiking, Camping…