Sports Armband for iPhone/Android Phones

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Sports Armband for iPhone/Android Phones

Sports Armband Size Reference:

- Large (up to 6.7 inches

- For iPhone Pro and Pro Max Choose Extra Large, For Samsung Plus and Ultra Choose Extra Large anything Below choose Large


- Neoprene Synthetic Rubber Body Material For Sweat and Moisture Resistance

- Heavy Duty Velcro Tape For Stronger And Long Lasting Hold

- Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Transparent Display Material For Maximum Touch Sensitivity

Product Feature:

- Suitable For Phone With Casings

- Headphone/Earpiece Compatible Both Wired or Wireless

- Touch Responsive No Issue With Phone Usage

- Equipped with Single Key Pocket Holder

- Suitable For Big Or Small Arms Size

- Reflective Strips For Safety While Exercising