YT1288 Selfie Tripod


Y1288 Selfie Tripod 

Completely unfolded, it grows 1 metre and 25 cm when folded, 42.5 cm). It is made from aluminium and weighs 235g It also can be used with a smartphone, GoPro camera and digital SLR camera.It can support a weight up to 2 kg when it is folded and 1 kg when it is fully extended.The three sections of the pole are dependent. The length is adjustable to each section. Universal Phone Holder is suitable for smartphones with a width between 5.4 cm and 3.5 cm. It has two legs with a foam and two stoppers. The Universal Holder can be fitted on the ball head of the pole yt-1288. Ball Joint allows for 270 degree rotation and is equipped with a mirror to view the selfie that you may be doing. Very practical. The remote control sets off your photos up to 10 meters and you can zoom in and out. It is compatible with iOS 5.0 or later, Android 4.3 or later. Please note that the awaking function g) Zoom function only works with Android smartphones and for which the volume by Zoom is possible. The remote control can be recharged with USB cable. A universal screw thread is situated at the end of the pole yt-1288 to install it on a tripod.